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Speaking While Upset November 23, 2008

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Probably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made was speaking while I was upset and/or angry. When you are feeling this way don’t speak and remove yourself from the catalyst of your anger if it is possible. For the most part actions done out of anger will be regretted. I hope that I will take my own advice and remember that in the future. Also, be careful when being straight up and honest. You can be honest, but don’t say too much because you don’t know the major hurt that you can cause a person. So choose your words wisely and think about the consequences perhaps it would be better to not say. I had to learn this the hard way. All the while I thought that I was being straight up and honest and sharing my feelings not knowing that I hurt the person I was talking to. InshaAllah they will forgive me.


Muslim Flavor why? November 22, 2008

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Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you all),

I wanted to create an anonymous blog where I could say what I want to say with hopefully pure intentions. When people know who you are you might put things so that people will say mashaAllah she is so pious, or active in politics, or intelligent,  or cute (astaghfiruallah). I am not saying that I am or am not any of these things, but I would like to do good deeds undercover in order to protect the purity of my actions inshaAllah (God willing). Our actions should be for Allah (God) not for show. So this is  one of the ways that I can try to make sure I am not doing something to show off. I just want to share good with others inshaAllah. Don’t think that because of what I have said I am some uber pious person…cause I’m not. I’m simply striving to be that uber pious person. (not really) Really I just want to be happy with my creator and my creator happy with me in this life and the next (though I think that equals piety). Ameen!