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Feelings Broken November 24, 2008

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A jar was discovered. Curious were you of its contents. You opened the lid and misplaced it. There’s a lot inside the jar and you can’t handle it all. But when you look for the lid to close it you can’t find it. Now the contents are exposed and through your carelessness you managed to knock it over and it is spilling fast. Ruining everything it touches. Look at what you’ve done. So now you step away and leave the mess like it was no fault of yours. It has stained the counter and its scent has filled the air. Even if you found the lid and closed the jar and tried to do a superficial cleaning the counter is still stained and the scent has filled the air. The scent has diffused to every possible corner. Though others may not know what they are smelling or where it came from they smell it nonetheless. The counter is stained. The counter is stained. It all started with curiosity. Now look at this mess.
Moral of the story/poem: Don’t get involved in serious matters because you think it is interesting or cool, when you are not qualified or experienced. What happens is when things get messed up you back out and you leave others to get hurt and clean up the mess you made.

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